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As you may know, we have done a survey and 100 people have filled it in, which was enough for me to shut it down and process the results. Unfortunately I had to remove 1 as it wasn't a serious one. So, I had to make the statistics from 99 submissions.

First off Thank you to everyone who has filled in a submission.

How well did Ophion score on a scale from 1 to 10?

Ophion Servers 8.92 out of 10
Ophion Site 8.44 out of 10
Ophion Players 7.48 out of 10
Ophion Buildings 8.48 out of 10
Ophion Staff 8.36 out of 10
Ophion in General   9.15 out of 10

How did Ophion do percentage wise?

64%  of the people on Ophion like the minigames provided.
21% of the people on Ophion think the Donation store is unfair.
73% of the people on Ophion have recommended the server to other people.
13% of the people on Ophion do not agree with the rules on the server.
70% of the people on Ophion would like to be able to do more with voting points.
21% of the people on Ophion do not think bugs are being dealt with fast enough.
7% of the people on Ophion do not check the website.
27% of the people on the Ophion site do not like the other players there.
84% of the people on the Ophion site like the looks of it.
17% of the people on the Ophion site do not find it user friendly.
[M] ✞ King ✞ Wow, pretty positive altogether. Go Ophion!
[M] noahsmil My home <3
[M] Frenchsharkboy55 These are some pretty good statistics.


As most of you have probably noticed, the server has had a huge maintenance which took up quite some hours. It was a lot of work.

A list of what happened

 All past warnings/kicks/mutes/bans were reset. Banned players are still banned.
 Slimeblocks now work properly on all servers.
 Using a new ban/warning/kick system. This one is faster.
 Venlious RPG is now updated to 1.8.
 Towny is now updated to 1.8.
 Skywar is now updated to 1.8.
 Dwarventure is now updated to 1.8.
 WebAuctionPlus now supports name changes on Avatar Survival.
 Fixed parkour problems where you could not leave.
 Lockette now supports name changes on Skyblock & Creative.
 Updated ChatControl on all servers.
 Added two new parkours to the Lobby. Called 'Extreme' and 'BrainBreaker'.
 Fixed flying on Skyblock & Creative in the creative world.
 Fixed /head in creative on Skyblock & Creative.
 Fixed CTF, CTF2 and TDM on Castle Wars.

[V] ʎuuᴉN Fixed parkour problems where you could not leave. THANK YOU, TRAPPED ON ONE OF THE HARD ONES FOR 45 MINUTES. ...
[M] ✞ King ✞ Yay! Ophion is now 100% 1.8! Maintenence is necessary just as sleep is necessary. If people don't understand that then ...
Hello there!

Minecraft will be letting you change your in game name the 4th of February. We need to be ready for these changes. It could mean your island, castle, faction or whatever wouldn't be yours anymore if you changed your name. You wouldn't want that? Would you?

To make everything compatible we will put the server in maintenance mode on 31 January. We do not have an exact time, but the server motd will keep you updated on the progress.
[V] duration4 When you finish maintenence will the server be up?
[M] 987ɯıɥs So there is no website where you can look up the names say I changed my name to mihs and r2 wanted to know if i was a sp ...
[V] ~Pwns~ *Changes name to "UnlitedPwns"* *Makes alt "FifthHouse"*
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Updated the Garry's Mod server.
Updated 1VS1 arenas in size on Avatar Survival.
Added CombatTag to Skyblock & Creative.
Removed the 'VIP-Chat' from Avatar Survival and Dwarventure. They were never meant to be added.
Fixed some flying issues for the administration team on Skyblock & Creative.
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