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Avatar Survival went in maintenance on Monday 29 June 2015 at 15:00 (3:00 PM) UTC.

During this time, we've fixed various bugs and problems Avatar Survival has been having. Such as the server not saving bending presets correctly and forgetting player elements.

Some people also reported that some abilities weren't working properly, we have been looking in to this during the maintenance and tested them all while fixing them. During the testing and fixing we've nerfed/boosted some abilities to make them more equal to one other.

The following changes were made during this maintenace:

  • Updated Avatar Survival to 1.8.7
  • Fixed fire not despawning in the world.
  • Air Changes
    • Added Meditate
    • Added AirBlade
  • Earth Changes
    • Updated EarthArmor
    • Added EarthLine
    • Added EarthShard
    • Added EarthSurf
    • Added LavaDisk
    • Added MetalShred
    • Added MetalHook
    • Added SandBlast
    • Added EarthCombos
  • Water Changes
    • Added PlantDrain
    • Added IceWall
    • Added WakeFishing
  • Fire Changes
    • Added FireShots
    • Updated Discharge
  • Added "/fix" which will fix your bending.
  • Resetted all bending presets/slots/player elements. (Sorry..)
  • Moved the "/rspawn" location by 500 blocks. (New terrain!)
[M] Zeref_x unnerf fire blast 4 second charge 2 damage Put discharge cool down to 3 Get rid of dynamic bending it sucks well we shou ...


Is this a long post about how I am stopping with Ophion? No. Quite the opposite actually. I am here to talk about the current projects we have running for the servers. Most of you already know about the projects, some people don't. I'll talk a little bit about them all, revealing some ideas we have, spoilers which will make your draw drop. That's how epic these projects are.

This post contains serious spoilers about some servers, if you really want to wait it out then I recommend you not to read any of this.

Venlious RPG
This server has been there for nearly a year, yet nobody knows when it will be coming out. Truth is, the development is going really slow. Buildings are half done and there's still a lot to do.

You can actually see what we've been doing so far! I guess I'll be a little more open about the progress of the server, building way that is. The storyline, classes and other epic stuff will remain a secret. Check the buildings here!

However, do notice that this is not a live view and it will not update if somebody starts building. It is just there for players to roam around and get a feel of what the server will look like. It is still far from done.

Release date: When it's epic enough.

Skywar Revamp
This server is not very popular at the moment, all though people find it quite fun, it is way too unbalanced and people stop playing because of this and lack of players. We plan on completely redoing this server, making everyone happy.

I made a thread regarding some of the changes we had planned for this server, you can view it here. There is just one thing that I would like to add to that, which is the server will work with kits, rather than players customing their entire inventory themselves. This was the main cause of the server being unbalanced.

Upon death, your kit will be dropped in a package. A player can pick this up by right-clicking it, it will swap their own kit for yours. This can only be done for a limited time.

Release date: Within the next couple of months/weeks. Depends on development.

ProjectCW (A revamp of Castle Wars)
To be honest, I'm the most excited about this revamp. Not only does it have the most destructive revamp, but also the most interesting. I'll just be giving one amazing aspect about this revamp as I don't want to spoil it all. Unfortunately, some bad news comes along with this which some players already knew.

We'll start with the game aspect, so the bad news is a little less bad. You will be able to destroy other their castles and go in a full out war with them! What!? It's not that bad. Don't worry. Basically we will allow people to walk up to somebody elses castles and run a command. When this command is run, their own castle as well as the castle they were standing on will freeze. Players can not edit it then. All players in those two castles will receive a message that a raid will start and will be given a command to join the raid. When you join the raid you will be teleported to an exact copy of your castle, but, destructable. You can shoot cannons and fire RPG cannons at the enemies castle who is located next to you. You can infiltrate their castle and attempt to kill them in order to win the raid. When the raid is over, your castle will be unfrozen and it will be like nothing ever happened. I'm not going to say more, but there's a lot more to the raiding, a lot more cool stuff.

Now the bad news, as you could tell it will be a war of destruction and raiding and other cool stuff. In order to do this we had to disallow players from building under their castles and disallow building your castle heigher than 100 blocks. (Still very tall) This means that the current Castles are too long.. we have to reset the Castle Wars server in order to allow these changes to come in. But don't worry! This project probably won't be done for months, if not a year! There's still a lot of stuff you can do on Castle Wars and it will stay that way for a long time.

Release date: Within months, maybe a year.

Towny Revamp
As you may already know, Towny has been offline for some days. It probably won't come back either, there are some bugs which keep breaking the server due to namechanges. The server wasn't very popular anyway, so I decided to lock it up and look at what we could do.

I asked the players of Ophion for suggestions not too long ago, and some interesting things came up. I decided to make a mix of this idea, you can read more about it here. Please do note that this is the only revamp that is not confirmed yet. We may do something completely different with this server.

Frankly enough, this server does not have a top priority at the moment. We are currently working more on the other projects. After those are done, we'll see what we can do with Towny. Ideas are still more than welcome!

Release date: Unknown.

[M] Kordianthegreat I have a question about Sky wars: What will former donators get there? will we get like kits?
[M] Frenchsharkboy55 What about Garry's mod with the dark rp? Is that a scrap idea?
[M] wee786harry What would be needed (Staff donations Developers) to Speed up all these process?


As you may know, we have done a survey and 100 people have filled it in, which was enough for me to shut it down and process the results. Unfortunately I had to remove 1 as it wasn't a serious one. So, I had to make the statistics from 99 submissions.

First off Thank you to everyone who has filled in a submission.

How well did Ophion score on a scale from 1 to 10?

Ophion Servers 8.92 out of 10
Ophion Site 8.44 out of 10
Ophion Players 7.48 out of 10
Ophion Buildings 8.48 out of 10
Ophion Staff 8.36 out of 10
Ophion in General   9.15 out of 10

How did Ophion do percentage wise?

64%  of the people on Ophion like the minigames provided.
21% of the people on Ophion think the Donation store is unfair.
73% of the people on Ophion have recommended the server to other people.
13% of the people on Ophion do not agree with the rules on the server.
70% of the people on Ophion would like to be able to do more with voting points.
21% of the people on Ophion do not think bugs are being dealt with fast enough.
7% of the people on Ophion do not check the website.
27% of the people on the Ophion site do not like the other players there.
84% of the people on the Ophion site like the looks of it.
17% of the people on the Ophion site do not find it user friendly.
[M] PilotTroll for the fav sever, where is sky wars?
[M] ✞ King ✞ Wow, pretty positive altogether. Go Ophion!
[M] noahsmil My home <3
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Moved the "/rspawn" location on Avatar Survival to a new location.
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