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Well, bad news for you! It will take a little longer!

All servers, which use either Craftbukkit or Spigot (almost every server), will have a delay. We use Spigot.

Why is this? Why can't I just play my good old Ophion in 1.8?
The problem is a DMCA takedown, a craftbukkit developer decided to turn the tables and attack his fellow developers by claiming the project. This means that the project has been taken down, temporary, meaning the development has either been stopped or slowed down.

Some say that Mojang supports this request, let me just tell you that that is a bunch of bullshit. They own Craftbukkit. That's like supporting Minecraft being removed, think about that.. Not sure who said it, but common sense might come in handy there.

Wow! Is this the end!? 
People said the same thing about the EULA, I am still breathing, I think you should stop being such a pessimist and look at the bright side. Just check this.
[M] frenchsharkboy55 Will doors automatically be updated to the new types?
Hello there!

We have added a new Bending Arena to Avatar Survival, which is bigger and should perform better on resets, later.

Thanks to the people who helped! EndersShadows, Ajanssens, kittycat1108 and UnlitedOwns.

A cinematic photoshop of the new Bending Arena by UnlitedOwns

[M] justin2046 Yo unlited Can you make firejet a little longer to make it proportional to the new arena size? its kinda wimpy rn
[M] AwesGames the photoshopping is pretty dang cool. you guys did an amazing job overall. cant wait to play in it. love the concept be ...
[M] AwesGames Bending just got more interesting.. and thank you guys for adding more water, cant wait to kick ass... i mean to try my ...

Thank you

[O] UnlitedOwns posted Aug 23, 14
I am taking this moment to write how much I appreciate you sticking around on Ophion.

We as server had our good and bad moments, the most dedicated players will know this. I will even name some specific people who helped me.

Now what do I consider good moments and what do I consider bad? Bad moments are the ones where things turn against us, for example when the serverophion.com was offline for a month, just when the server was growing to become bigger.
Good moments are the ones where everyone is there, to witness a great thing. For example when Castle Wars opened. Literally 154 people were waiting, while the server only had space for 100!

Through my time of running Ophion, since November 2012, I have seen great things happen, met people who I still talk to these days!

I will now give out my more personal thanks in the spoiler.
[V] zMrSlimez I've been 4gotten ;(
[V] NinnyHamer Wow, thanks for the shoutout! Your welcome.
[M] Jorin_Nife At the bottom in tiny letters it says "Thank you Jorin. Without you I don't know how I could get through the day. Y ...
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