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Hello there!

We have added a new Bending Arena to Avatar Survival, which is bigger and should perform better on resets, later.

Thanks to the people who helped! EndersShadows, Ajanssens, kittycat1108 and UnlitedOwns.

A cinematic photoshop of the new Bending Arena by UnlitedOwns

[M] justin2046 Yo unlited Can you make firejet a little longer to make it proportional to the new arena size? its kinda wimpy rn
[M] AwesGames the photoshopping is pretty dang cool. you guys did an amazing job overall. cant wait to play in it. love the concept be ...
[M] AwesGames Bending just got more interesting.. and thank you guys for adding more water, cant wait to kick ass... i mean to try my ...

Thank you

[O] UnlitedOwns posted Aug 23, 14
I am taking this moment to write how much I appreciate you sticking around on Ophion.

We as server had our good and bad moments, the most dedicated players will know this. I will even name some specific people who helped me.

Now what do I consider good moments and what do I consider bad? Bad moments are the ones where things turn against us, for example when the serverophion.com was offline for a month, just when the server was growing to become bigger.
Good moments are the ones where everyone is there, to witness a great thing. For example when Castle Wars opened. Literally 154 people were waiting, while the server only had space for 100!

Through my time of running Ophion, since November 2012, I have seen great things happen, met people who I still talk to these days!

I will now give out my more personal thanks in the spoiler.
[M] zMrSlimez I've been 4gotten ;(
[V] NinnyHamer Wow, thanks for the shoutout! Your welcome.
[M] Jorin_Nife At the bottom in tiny letters it says "Thank you Jorin. Without you I don't know how I could get through the day. Y ...
Hello there!

Here I will post updates on the transfer to the new 128GB machine. More info about this can be found here.

 Network (3GB)
 Lobby (3GB) +1
Skywar (3GB) +1
 Dwarventure (4GB)
 Skyblock & Creative (7GB) +2
 Castle Wars (6GB) +1
 Avatar Survival (9GB) +3
 Venlious RPG (6GB) +3 more than before

The +X indicates how much it has increased.
Total used at the moment 31 GB

You will notice downtime for all servers, I will also put the ram behind it.

You will realise we keep a lot of ram left over, for future projects.
[M] rangdad *40 GB.
[M] evilssj100 ya from what i have seen avatar is the most successful part of the server.
[M] btyson123 If all the other servers get transered at the same time, then skywars might actualy have people on it.
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