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[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Lobby
posted Sat at 16:18


As the deadline is over, a winner had to be chosen. It was difficult for me, really. I looked at the creativity of all submissions, how much time has been put in to it.

Congratulations, Arctic_Aura with this submission

Please contact me in a private message concerning what you would like as your prize.

[V] Jorin_Nife Pfft. I should have won.
[V] furfur0162 I still think Hond's song was the best tribute. Jk hond sorry pal mel reks ur faic
[M] Chronowolf Nice Mel!!

Your Feedback

[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Lobby
posted Sep 13, 15


Some of you may have noticed the maintenance for Avatar Survival yesterday. What was this for? We've been listening to feedback submitted at this form:

The maintenance was there for the purpose of fulfilling the wishes of player feedback. As long as they are approved of course. Some of the negative feedback we've gotten which were (hopefully) resolved during the maintenance are:

  • Avatar Survival should add the combos back.
    Resolved by going back to a different version of ProjectKorra where they did not cause lag.
  • Avatar Survival is not new-player friendly.
    Resolved by adding the 'New' rank which comes with perks such as being able to change your bending for free and a special New Player only bending arena to get started, they are accessable until you are promoted to member.
  • Avatar Survival should have the team bending arena finished with.
    Being worked on, plans have been made. Just need to find the time to get it done.
  • Avatar Survival's bending arena is too small.
    Released a brand new bending arena, bigger and better!
  • Avatar Survival's bending arena has flaws, wall camping for example.
    Resolved by adding barrierblocks between the walls so you can not stand on them. But it was used by spectators too! No worries, we added a special area for spectators! You can go there using /spec

Unfortunately I was not able to fulfill some of the problems, because fixing those would have a massive impact on the server. Therefore I have decided to do these in a future reset. (WOW AS IS BEING RESET!? No. If it were to in the future, then I would add these changes so it'd be much cooler) These are the problems with possible solutions:

  • Avatar Survival factions are becoming boring due to the big factions.
    A possible fix for this is adding limits to the amount of members factions can have and add economical aspects to the faction gameplay. Such as, paying in game money to create a faction, claim for your faction etc. That way it'd be harder to control a faction as you'll need to make sure your faction has enough money. And if you were to maintain a bigger faction, you'd most likely have to split this in to the multiple factions. Allowing others to raid more easily while defending becomes harder and will keep you busy. Another thing would be that the time for being auto-kicked and auto-disbanded would be lowered. This makes factions far more interesting.
  • Avatar Survival's world is completely destroyed, it looks so ugly.
    A possible fix would be that wilderness auto-fixes itself over time, I'd have to look into the possibilties of this though.

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you enjoy the improvements to the server! Have feedback yourself? Fill in the form here:  (Please, only give negative feedback on the form as it motivates me to resolve it!)

[S] Malique #BringBackTheWell
[V] felixfurry
felixfurry @ Ophion ♦ Avatar
[M] ✞ King ✞ What about the well? I think they were serious about that.

The Anything Competition

[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Lobby
posted Aug 23, 15


To celebrate the release of our Merchandise Store we'll be giving away an item on this store! The winner gets to pick the design and item. If the winner - for some reason - doesn't want any item in the store they could get a $40 coupon-code

How can I participate?

You can particpate by commenting on the Submissions Thread. What can you submit? Anything. A building, poem etc. As long as it is related to Ophion in a way. The more creative you think, the better! Just keep it appropriate at all times. You are allowed to make multiple submissions in different posts.

How long do I have?

The deadline is 1 October 2015. Make sure to submit before then!

[M] Wolfadite awesome, don't think I'd win anything ._.
[V] Arctic_Aura Sounds neat.
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