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Security Breach

[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Creative
posted Feb 4, 16


Do not worry, no personal files were stolen and the damage has been restored already. Nonetheless I felt like writing a statement to explain what has happened and what has been done to resolve it.

Apparently there was a problem with our firewall. A problem between the communication of Spigot and BungeeCord allowed an individual to slip in through the cracks and log in as me, UnlitedOwns.

You should understand that BungeeCord runs the Network, thus allowing you to say /glist and to switch to the different servers. Spigot runs the server itself, keeping track of what happens there and makes sure to store your files safely.

Now the breach was with the Spigot part of the server. The individual managed to get in to Skykits and log in as me. He then proceeded to grief parts of the server and give everyone permissions to everything. Staff was alarmed fairly quick and took care of the situation, the administration team took down the server and whitelisted it. The damage has been undone, as well - we make backups. No worries! Nothing of your stats is gone. It's as if nothing ever happened.

We inmediately put back up our firewall as soon as we found out that it may have been that what allowed the individual in to the server. We're also adding additional protection for staff members. Meaning, staff will have a two factor authentication before they can really do anything on the server.

After investigating the matter more this has not only happened to Ophion, but to other servers running BungeeCord as well. I will most likely create a post on PlanetMinecraft to address this serious matter to fellow server administrators.

We're also going through the logs of all the other servers and seeing if any of them have been breached.

Do not fear, the Ophion Staff Team is here.

[M] iceebirds1 I feel like the staff are doing a great job at this. Someone said to look at sky kits, and when I went on I saw the dama...
[V] Frenchsharkboy55 I googled the guys username, and I noticed that he has gone on other servers and hacked / glitched them as well.

Staff Survey Results

[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Creative
posted Jan 29, 16


Not too long ago I asked people to fill out a staff survey on the forums. This went quite well! A total of 28 people filled in the survey, of which 2 weren't too serious and were ignored.

[M] ✞ King ✞ I feel like a lot of the votes were valid but biased. If you don't like or know someone, you might not rate them as...
[V] Berend There will always be people below average. I think that everyone on the staff team is doing a great job.
[V] Phantom
PhantomBreeze @ Ophion ♦ Avatar
Definitely a wake-up call for some staff members. Great job to everyone putting forth their best effort! *No matter wha...

Server Information

[S] UnlitedOwns
UnlitedOwns @ Ophion ♦ Creative
posted Dec 20, 15


This post will give you information regarding various of topics. I'll be talking a little about every server and what my plans are for them, read what you like. I know this will be a long post - but if you spot something you like, do read it!

[S] carlybrugs
carlybrugs @ Ophion ♦ Skyblock
Woo! New creatiiiiive!
[M] iceebirds1 I am very sad about the fact that castle wars is going to be reset, but I am printing out the plans and reading them whe...
[V] Herocrack Is there a list where you can see what you have purchased? Cause i've forgot all the things i have bought on avatar...
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