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Greetings there!

No we are not going to quit Ophion, we just happened to bump into a problem with our disk storage. Basically it was running the full 100% not allowing new things to be created, new player files etc. So we had to temporary shut the server down while looking into the problem.

Now there were some complications during this process, we had to backup the whole server and wipe it clean. Starting fresh. We are currently working on putting the backup back on the machine so you'll be able to enjoy your good old Ophion as it was before it temporary closed.

You probably won't even notice a difference.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE: Apparently we didn't backup our MySql database, meaning all warnings, bans and kicks have been cleared from the server. Everyone is able to join again. Do you remember somebody who was banned? Please comment names on this article.

UPDATE2: I will open just Towny, so people can play that. Dynmap and the /modreq command will be disabled as they both use MySql which isn't properly setup yet. We are experiencing some major problems with the other servers.
[M] gruffolow was DeadMercenary Banned?
[M] EranRosha Cool... :/
[M] frenchsharkboy55 RokChiha Banned from all servers

Today I took the opportunity to add new bendings to the avatar server for both Fire and Earth.
+ EarthLine
+ FrostBreath
+ FireBreath
+ FireCombos (Require multiple fire moves in a row)
FireKick FireBlast » FireBlast » (Hold Shift) » FireBlast
FireSpin FireBlast » FireBlast » FireShield » (Tap Shift)
JetBlast FireJet (Tap Shift) » FireJet (Tap Shift) » FireShield (Tap Shift) » FireJet
JetBlaze FireJet (Tap Shift) » FireJet (Tap Shift) » Blaze (Tap Shift) » FireJet
[M] RcDelta38 You keep adding moves, how shall I ever be able to use them all :l
[M] CelltheMudkip Sounds amazing!
[M] Himmelreich10 are the others elements gonna get combos aswell?
Well, bad news for you! It will take a little longer!

All servers, which use either Craftbukkit or Spigot (almost every server), will have a delay. We use Spigot.

Why is this? Why can't I just play my good old Ophion in 1.8?
The problem is a DMCA takedown, a craftbukkit developer decided to turn the tables and attack his fellow developers by claiming the project. This means that the project has been taken down, temporary, meaning the development has either been stopped or slowed down.

Some say that Mojang supports this request, let me just tell you that that is a bunch of bullshit. They own Craftbukkit. That's like supporting Minecraft being removed, think about that.. Not sure who said it, but common sense might come in handy there.

Wow! Is this the end!? 
People said the same thing about the EULA, I am still breathing, I think you should stop being such a pessimist and look at the bright side. Just check this.
[M] frenchsharkboy55 Will doors automatically be updated to the new types?
Recent Changes
Fixed /f warp and a lot of other commands starting with /f on Avatar Survival and Dwarventure.
Added Aircombos to Avatar Survival. (/b h aircombo)
Added a new PVP arena on Castle Wars (/warp pvp)
Added the ability to marry on Towny. (/marry)
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